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Vagus Nerve

Leading Edge Information: Vagus Nerve Activation and Emotional Recalibration for the New Energy.

Have you noticed how life has speeded up? This is the “New Energy,” a higher vibration and we’re all working to adapt to the faster pace and chaos in the world. This activation will help reboot your system!

What is the Vagus Nerve? The Vagus Nerve is a sensory nerve, the longest cranial nerve in the human body beginning at the base of the brain (medulla oblongata), making stops at many organs, and wandering all the way to the intestines. (The sciatic is the longest nervous system nerve.) If kept active and strong, the Vagus Nerve plays a major role in controlling inflammation (which is known to cause aging, so it is our nerve of youthfulness), is responsible for keeping the larynx open for breathing and feeds the lungs and diaphragm. If you did not have a functional Vagus Nerve, your heart rate would skyrocket to around 155!

What does VN do? The VN brings:

  • ♥ balance to the nervous system, balancing sympathetic (fight/flight) with more emphasis on the parasympathetic (relaxation side)
  • ♥ coherence to the heart and brain which enhances harmony that supports higher states of awareness
  • ♥ is responsible for our telepathy and empathy
  • ♥ VN sends messages to the brain to produce oxytocin, the bonding, trust and love hormone (activation is helpful for those on autism spectrum)
  • ♥ increases immunity and longevity, heart coherence (balance between heartbeats), reduces seizures
  • ♥ the VN is responsible for our evolution (which is why this information has resurfaced—we are evolving!)

A certain level of control over the blood pressure and heart rate can be achieved through natural stimulation (as opposed to a vagus nerve stimulator implanted under the skin). The ancient Yogis knew of the significance of a healthy and active Vagus Nerve and now the information is coming back into our awareness. Recent research shows that the VN can also be toned and strengthened somewhat similar to a muscle.

The Vagus Nerve is also responsible for our empathy and compassion as it is connected to the heart chakra. It governs our interface with others and the world as it is connected to the Tube Torus (energy field/grid around the body). Why should I Care? The Vagus Nerve can become impaired through emotional and/or physical trauma or lack of oxytocin. It would be impossible to relax and balance without the Vagus Nerve.

Energy and Healing: Vagus Nerve Activation, Chakra balancing, Tube Torus repairs help to align and heal. The chakras, Vagus Nerve and Tube Torus are interwoven in a fluid dance of energy if kept in balance and cleansed.

Just for you ... Michelle can activate or enhance your Vagus Nerve and show you how to keep it active and stimulated yourself.

It is a great technique for those that are depressed, monotone, inflamed, unanimated and stoic, or just need more harmony, creativity and calm in their lives. It may assist in relaxing temporomandibular joint and muscle pain (TMJ) since the nerve wanders into the sides of the face and jaw. It certainly helps us in our connections with each other! The Dalai Lama says we cannot survive without compassion – here’s how to develop it!

Vagus Nerve Activation sessions by appointment:

  • 4 Video Journeys (approximately 30 mins. each) with Vagus Nerve Activation at the end of viewing (10-20 minutes).

  • First Activation: $35.00

  • 2 Through 4: $60.00 each (Allow an hour minimum for each session)

  • Boosters by phone appointment: $25.00

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"These activations took my yoga practice to the next level. I increased my inner calm and released grief that I've been carrying. You will feel different and open to new possibilities."

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