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Corporate Wellness

To achieve optimum health and wellbeing, (holistic health), we encourage participants to engage a consistently focused and balanced approach to all aspects of the self. This includes:

  • • physical and energetic imbalance assessment using questionnaires and physical body alignment,
  • • educational materials to bring more awareness and begin to address problem areas,
  • • motivation toward self-care for positive and lasting change, and
  • • encouragement toward a regular, disciplined self-nurturance program to maintain newly achieved optimum health, enhanced immunity and wellbeing.

Forward Bend, Wide Leg

How does this translate into an effective Corporate Wellness Extraordinaire program and how does our offering differ? Most folks need education to achieve and maintain balance which relieves stress. Yoga study combined with nutrition offer a strong and effecive solution.

Why would employers choose to take action around health issues? Employers have an excellent opportunity and are uniquely poised to address health issues.True, adults are responsible for their own wellness, but many do not even realize their level of dis-ease. With economic declines, increased workloads and longer work hours, employees struggle just to maintain status quo. Over time, they ignore symptoms of their decline or accept it as inevitable with age -- usually because they do not know how or do not make time for self care. If employers mandate a program, employees benefit and embrace the change as their health improves. Ultimately, the employer, as well as the employee, reaps the rewards: improved health for the employee reflected in increased work product, decreased insurance premiums and employee retention to name a few.

Employers and employees (even your vendors and/or customers) are awakening and learning a new way to communicate. It is possible to successfully relate from our hearts rather than just using our heads (brains). Today, we are part of this paradigm shift and can choose to encourage and uplift. Learning and practicing a heart-felt life creates a magnet to success. I support, encourage and teach these techniques using Yoga, stress management, nutrition assessment and adjustment, communication and focus.


Yoga is ancient system of physical, mental/emotional and spiritual alignment of the individual with higher principles, discipline and integrity. These principles are attained through the practice of scientifically designed physical postures (Asanas), increased mental concentration and focus, release of blocked energy and emotions, and the recognition of and connection with all levels of the self, possibly extending into awareness of spirituality. The ongoing practice of Yoga promotes introspection and a compassionate, balanced approach to life.

Flipping the Dog


For more information about our Corporate Wellness Extraordinaire programs and to request our Prospectus, contact Michelle Star (216-789-3765,

Good Business "A year and a half ago, wracked with excruciating pain from sciatica and degenerative spine problems, I enrolled in Yoga classes three times a week at Michelle Star Yoga and Healing Arts. After only a couple of months I noticed vast improvement and now am pain free. My doctor told me I would be crippled from those health problems.

I own my own race car engine building and maintenance business where I stand most of the day and my work requires intense concentration and attention to detail, which the Yoga classes have also improved."

Raymond Banyas, Owner
Victory Engines


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