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Michelle Star

Michelle Star

Michelle Star, Certified Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Integrative Yoga Therapist®, Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Practitioner

Michelle Star has had a long partnership with Yoga having taught since 1985 (study began in 1970) giving her a vast well of knowledge and experience for offering Yoga as a therapeutic tool for children and adults. Michelle received her teacher training and certification from Kripalu Yoga and Health Center in the Berkshires of Massachusetts in 1995 and in 1997 obtained certification as an Integrative Yoga Therapist. In 2005, she received training in Yoga for special needs children in Evanston, Illinois and teaches special needs as well as able children and adults. She studied dance (ballet, jazz) for 11 years, DansKinetics (at Kripalu) and graduated LCCC with a physical education major. She has taught at the collegiate and national levels, in elementary schools, and presented the Yoga Therapy classes for The Cleveland Clinic study entitled, "The Impact of Yoga on a Chronic Pain Population." This study revealed that Yoga practice yields statistically significant results. She continues as an employee of the Clinic teaching Yoga to employees at outlying Clinic facilities.

Michelle has worked with children and students preschool through age 21 that have been diagnosed somewhere along the autism spectrum. She has partnered with the Master’s Speech Pathologist giving Yoga classes at the Children’s Developmental Center in Amherst for nearly 5 years. More recently, Michelle has taught Yoga to combined classes of able and autistic children at several of the schools in Amherst with excellent results.

Having traveled throughout Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania, she has given Yoga and Reiki continuing education seminars for physical and occupational therapists to integrate Yoga techniques into their workplace and personal lives. She made two professional, 4-hour Yoga DVDs (one for general, one for children) for which purchasers can receive continuing education units. She has received training in Integrated Energy Therapy (channeling Angelic healing energy) and has seen great results from this modality. Michelle embraces her healing work as a Reiki Master/ART (Advanced) Teacher (Master certification 1996) observing profound results over the span of more than a decade. She has herself greatly benefited physically, mentally and spiritually from the practice of Yoga for 40 years and now she shares with participants at this Center.

Michelle also received Certification in the second sequence (first was in 2012) in the OverLight modality of Vagus Nerve Activation and has learned more about the Tube Torus, how it flows, how to work with it to create greater health and balance and the importance of the Vagus Nerve. (The ancient Yogis knew about the VN.) Now that we are in a new frequency with much faster vibrations, Michelle has new insights and training to share with her clients and students. Many already have an active Vagus Nerve, but she can enhance it and explain how to strengthen, tone and keep it and its relationship to the Tube Torus creation center active.

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My book

Yes, my book is personal in order to demonstrate the way my psychic (emotional) healing occurred, and it's filled with channeling by Angels and other life-stream recall; I've indeed had visions with Jesus and many healing dreams. These are my gifts and I'm sharing them with you. Open your mind--like a parachute, it doesn't work when closed! For anyone needing to get to the root of emotional challenges or habits that cannot be explained, this holistic book may provide some answers. Healing is always just a request or prayer away, and comes in the most interesting ways! You will see it in this book. Welcome to MY world!

What others are saying about Michelle's book...


World renowned author Rob Schwartz endorsed it for me, bless him! (You may want to read his two books as well.) He said:

“For anyone walking a path of healing, this book is a beacon of light pointing a way forward. With such grace and openness, Michelle Star shares her personal healing journey. Her wisdom and profound courage are touching and deeply inspiring.”

--Robert Schwartz, between lives regression therapist, author of Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born


"Filled with amazing realizations and experiences, it was hard to not finish this book in one sitting. I would have loved to have had this book as a road-map in the beginning of my journey. Within the flow of life, the Law of Attraction reveals obstructions that we need to address. Michelle shows us how she recognized and accepted these challenges to evolve. Her openness, faith, and tenacity are extraordinary. Her book is well worth the read."

--Sandra Behmke, Atlanta GA


"Congratulations! I just finished reading it [Thursday night] - such an amazing job you've done with all you've been through. And the experiences you've had are just incredible. It was amazing!"

--Debbie McHale, Executive Director of Angel House, Brunswick OH

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My book is PUBLISHED and available on:

CreateSpace (division of

If you contact me directly by telephone or email (listed below), I have copies on hand so you can start reading immediately.

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by Searching: I Forgive You, Daddy - Yoga and the Angels Healed Me!

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