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Mission Statement

All offered practices support this foundational purpose: promote peace within all who enter and offer education to sustain it. It is common now that people experience mounting daily stress combined with demands to maintain income, education, family, health and career -- all of which creates the growing need to balance, calm and center -- benefits that are gained through the consistent practice of Yoga.

  • Strive to maintain peace within ourselves
  • Encourage peace in our community and give it to everyone we meet
  • Provide classes and services to help you achieve peace of mind, physical health, wellbeing and increased awareness
  • I teach these essential skills. Get Yoga fit and be gently guided to achieve peace of mind. As you progress, or if you get stuck along the way, receive additional relaxation and healing services which promote profound connection within the Self.

    Nature Preserve
    Connection to nature is essential to our wellbeing.
    Some classes will be held outdoors.


    the Plough



    What is Yoga? Ancient Yogis tell us we become that which we focus upon…

    Yoga is an ancient system of exercises (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditations scientifically designed to strengthen and stretch the physical body, clear and stimulate the energy centers (chakras), and to strengthen the nervous system. All of these techniques prepare you to turn your focus inward, toward self-discovery and remembering.

    The original purpose of Yoga postures was to prepare the body for the power generated during meditation (Resource: The Autobiography of a Yogi by ParamahansaYogananda). Today there are many forms of Yoga, some seem like exercise (i.e., Vinyasa flow and Power Yoga) while others emphasize psycho-spiritual growth and wholeness (i.e., Kripalu), as well as focus on the intellect (i.e., Satchidananda). All paths lead to the same Source, choose the one that fits you best and stay with it.

    It is through the consistent, ongoing practice of Yoga and meditation that the body becomes strong and flexible, the mind becomes clear and focused, emotions stabilize and one’s fundamental inner truths are unveiled. (Who are you? Why are you here?)

    As a result, you discover your talents, abilities, creativity and connectedness. You develop deeper compassion and freedom of self-expression follows. Raising your body/mind frequency, translates into peace of mind, courage and a joyful state (contentment--Santosha in Sanskrit, the language of India from where Yoga emerged). This is where glow shows!


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    Nature Preserve




    Are you ready to come in out of the storm? Join our community and learn to shine your Light!

    Yoga practice focuses on re-connecting with forgotten parts of ourselves and then bridging those parts with new awareness and Truth. Examples include: stored emotions, talents, antiquated belief systems, partial truths, erroneous thinking, honoring head/thoughts over the heart, believing in bad body parts like bad knees or bad back, or believing we are separate from each other and/or the Source/Creator.

    In our Yoga classes, we accommodate various experience levels in each class. Until a very high level of skill is attained, it is not necessary to divide classes by level as everyone can work to their own pace and experience level. Students learn to listen to body messages (spoken through sensation) to know when to pull back or deepen the challenge. All students receive an attitude of acceptance and compassion here.

    If you seek a more fulfilled life, if you want to vibrate higher and feel a deeper sense of purpose and joy, find it here!



    A Pose Above

    Michelle Star has been practicing Yoga since 1970. This provides her the healing benefits of a long-term discipline and evolution of her own truth.

    Through intuitive guidance and teaching skill mastered over decades of practice and self-discovery, Michelle brings through the ancient energy of Yoga. During class, she channels her Yogi Master Guide, Ashero (a whisper in her ear to help choose poses to match each student’s needs). Every class offers a unique combination of poses and practice that provides an opportunity to release stress from the body/mind, build and tone muscles while deepening inner connections to Nature, Earth, Higher Self and the Source/Creator. Michelle’s classes are rich in creativity which sparks remembrance and reconnection for her students. She comes through an uninterrupted line of gurus.

    After 15 years of Yoga study, Michelle began remembering other life streams through visions, intuitive flashes, spontaneous recall and meditation. This precipitated healing traumas from those lives, as well as this one (i.e., severe forms of mis-treatment). She walks with one foot in both worlds: the psychic and mundane. This self-work generated a psychic refinement like an oyster makes a pearl. In this way, Michelle reflects each student’s own beauty back to them.

    Decades of Yoga practice and meditation have awakened spiritual gifts in Michelle through the release of deep traumas and wounds (actually from multiple lifetimes) contained in her cellular memory. This intense inward focus and clearing allows an unimpeded flow of energy through her body/mind, an accurate connection to Source/Intuition and to inner wisdom that she brings through in her classes. To balance and neutralize one's energy in this manner raises vibration in all those that invest in their introspection. Michelle's extensive work enables her to assist others with their work through Yoga and meditation. She has a consistent connection and works with angels and spiritual guides in the unseen worlds.

    Michelle has recently received certification in Activating the Vagus Nerve—it’s the longest cranial nerve in the body passing through five major chakras. The VN is responsible for control of heart rate variability, coherence and heart effectiveness, stress relief, sleep control, command levels of mental awareness, a deep sense of wellbeing and drastically slowing the aging process. The ancient Yogis knew about it commonly.

    Yogis in a blanket
    Michelle's Yogis in a Blanket


    Obtain CEUs with Michelle's yoga DVDs.

    Yoga, Child's Play video Yoga, Child's Play (.4 CEUs)
    Interactive video course to provide participants with knowledge and expertise need to complement and individualize treatment strategies for multiple pediatric diagnoses. Such diagnoses include Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD and learning disabilities. More...
    Yoga, Mind & Body: Therapeutic Techniques Yoga, Mind & Body: Therapeutic Techniques (.4 CEUs)
    Integrating Yoga in the Clinic interactive movie course will provide participants with the knowledge and expertise needed to implement individualized treatment strategies for multiple diagnoses. The course will enhance conventional therapeutic approaches and provide alternative methods to treatment. More...

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    Buddha and Lotus

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    Michelle Star "I have been taking yoga classes with Michelle for over a year now. She is an amazing teacher! There's a class for everyone at Michelle Star Yoga - classes for all levels and schedules."

    Teen Yoga student



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